Celebrating 68 years of the Republic of India

Celebrating 68 years of the Republic of India

As we complete 68 long years of our country’s constitution coming into force and India’s transition towards becoming an independent republic, the feelings of  patriotism and national pride make us brim with hope and optimism. 

The past few centuries have come with their fair share of struggles and challenges for a country whose economy basked in the pomp and splendour of its exquisitely rich textile heritage.  Chintz, Kalamkari and super fine cottons and silks were key items of trade from India to other South East Asian countries in exchange for spices and other goods. Weavers and traditional artisans were in demand and had a large patronage in the form of Indian nobility. 

With the British Raj flooding Indian markets with cheaper mill made knock offs, India’s traditional artisans who laboured day in and day out producing those intricately handwoven and hand printed textiles were suddenly left at the dark end of the tunnel from where there seemed no return. 

Alas, polyesters and every other thing synthetic had begun making inroads into the country’s markets, gaining popularity on account of looking expensive yet being easy to maintain and budget friendly. 

Unfortunately though, synthetic fibres and fabrics alike are not equipped to deal with the harsh Indian summers where temperatures regularly soar into the forties and humidity levels peak for a good four to five months in the year. 

With all of that in mind, we bring to you summer friendly Linens and fine counts of Cottons in light summery hues that’ll wick away the perspiration and keep you feeling fresh all day.  

We also pledge this year on, that we shall put in our best efforts to source locally and ethically from communities around us. We remain focussed on seeing India regain her title from her glorious years as one who was known to the world as exporter of exquisite fabric. Hope you’ll join us in this journey of ours so we can proudly say ‘Designed and Handmade in India’.

Author: #Sneha Sundareshan

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