DENIM as we know it

DENIM as we know it

Denims as we know today, were initially designed with a specific purpose in mind- tough clothing that would resist wear and tear; meant for workers in mines.

As the decades passed, it turned from workers’ uniform to rebel statement inspiring young teens ( who closely followed the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean) to the cult status it went on to achieve. Today denim is a way of life.

It all starts as an idea in the minds of our team of creative designers. That then gets translated into a sketch; complete with the tiniest of stitch details so when you buy a pair of Urban Touch denims, they are all you’ve ever wanted. 

Each fluffy ball of cotton that goes into the making of our denims is cleaned and processed to be spun into threads; that are then woven and shrunk and tested over and over again before they are finally cut into a size that fits you. 

We believe our denims should feel like second skin and take you to work every morning with just the same ease as they’d take you camping in the woods over the weekend; or straight to a colleague’s engagement party and it is for this reason that we take our finishing procedures very seriously on every pair you try on. 

This season we’ve gone easy on the scraping and bleaching so your pair is washed to feel soft before its steamed and packed… ready to be shipped to you. 

Pick from our light to mid to deep washed denims online and in stores. 

Our pick before we officially bid winter farewell- our Corduroy Indigo denim look alike!

Author: #Sneha Sundareshan

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