Micro Influencers - Real People, New Trends.

Micro Influencers - Real People, New Trends.

Back in the day, there were radio ads, television ads, banners and posters with products shot at expensive outdoor locations; (with or without a glamorous known face) spread across cityscapes. These were thought to be the ‘gold mines’ of marketing investment for brands to be able to gain popularity. 

While a lot of those conventional marketing strategies might hold good even today, we’ve chanced upon a trend that has gained significant momentum in the past couple of years - the mushrooming of the ‘Micro Influencer’ 

What exactly is that, you might ask. 

Statistical data from credible sources the world over shows that ordinary people like you and me, who actively talk and post about things (read Instagram and blog posts) they are truly passionate about - be it Food, Fashion, Fitness, Travel, Gadgetry or even giving Business related gyan are eight times more likely to boast ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ than some of our high profile celebrities are. In short, what we’re saying is that 18% adult men and 10% adult women globally are more likely to shop products/ clothes/ cosmetics/ gadgets off supermarket shelves that have been reviewed and recommended by 

people much like themselves - other common men and women. The only difference is, these credible ‘common men and women’ come with a few thousand social media followers themselves. 

It is these people that are termed ‘Micro Influencers’. 


Their following finds a deeper connection (with the individual) at a personal level and ‘credibility’ ranks high. Brands and businesses looking to gain popularity have been quick to tap into this ‘new found gold mine’; which is why we see a growing number of seemingly unfamiliar names and faces swiftly turning familiar. The reach of the ‘Micro influencer’ is a far more specific audience and through him or her, a product or brand’s visibility can multiply manifold almost instantly. 

And mind you, visibility is everything! This in turn can tip the scales in favour of say- brand A (at the receiving end of a great recommendation) vs brand B( which had no noteworthy recommendations). 

While all marketing channels come at a cost, the one of the mushrooming ‘Micro influencer’ comes far more pocket friendly than roping in celebrities for endorsements. The key lies in brands picking the right ‘influencer’ for their product since that could really make or break the deal. 


So while some might debate which mode of advertisement is most effective for a business, we’d like to end on this note - 

“A satisfied consumer is the best business strategy of all” Michael LeBoeuf. 

Author: #Sneha Sundareshan

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