Staying well put together without really having to spend a bomb!

Staying well put together without really having to spend a bomb!

For those of us who like to be fashionable and presentable at all times, here are a few easy hacks to follow.  

  1. Pick wrinkle free shirts - they’re hassle free and you don’t need to set aside time and energy getting creases off them. Ideal for work days when you’ve snoozed the alarm way too many times to be at work in time for that crucial meeting.
  2. Throw in a burnt amber leather duffle bag to bring excitement into a seemingly dull outfit. Backpacks and rucksacks don’t go with all outfits so you might want to leave them for a more casual outfit. 
  3. Want to make a loose shirt fit better on your torso? Neatly fold the excess portion from the side seams back ward and tuck in the shirt hemline comfortably into your trousers. This should ensure the shirt stays in place and looks like it was meant to fit you. We all have times when we loose and gain weight, don’t we? 
  4. Turn up hemlines of denims and trousers that are longer than you’d like them to be. Pinch the excess at the bottom hem and then roll up the hemline one step at a time. This way the hemline stays perfectly in place. Remember all that excess fabric hanging loose around your ankles and boots doesn’t make for particularly tidy appearances. Get rid of it at once! 
  5. Trouble having tee shirt sleeves fit better around your arms? Fret not! Just pin roll them as well. They’ll fit better around your biceps and you can show off a bit of muscle too! 
  6. Want to stay ahead of the curve? Take time out every now and then to browse fashion blogs (including ours) from around the world. Then make an informed decision based on how you see yourself dressing up. 
  7. Some colours work well for the summers when the light outdoors is harsh. Some colours work well for the winters when the light outdoors has mellowed down a bit. Look around and pick colours that you feel confident carrying off. 
  8. Dress for the occasion but keep in mind the weather and your mode of transport. Often times the later two can play spoilt sport. 
  9. Never underestimate the power of your exercise routine. It can be challenging but will keep your body and mind looking good and feeling good in the long run. Also, your clothes will end up looking way more stylish on a nice chiseled body. 
  10. Never overdress. It’s alright to underdress or loose a few heavy layers when you live in a hot tropical country. 


#Author: Sneha Sundareshan

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