Indigo floral printed shirt

By urbantouch

Rs. 879.00 Rs. 1,599.00

Indigo shirt with floral print in shades of blue. Tonal detailing in collar. 100% Cotton casual shirt with comfort fit. In indigo dye process, the cotton fibers of fabric are loaded with indigo dye at first or during finishing process. It is the fading and bleeding of this indigo dye, which allows for such beautiful í__í__í_í«fadesí__í__Œ«í†_ down the road. Indigo bleeding is a completely natural part of the process and is expected when breaking in your indigo base outfit.¥Ë_í�í__Metal logo on pocket, cutaway collar, patch pocket, button placket and curved hem. Prewashed to arrest shrinkage and for a softer hand feel. Manufactured and marketed by Urban Clothing Co.