Footwear - Outfit - Occasion. Picking and mixing done right.

Footwear - Outfit - Occasion. Picking and mixing done right.

It is said that a man’s shoes speak volumes about his personality. If we are to go by that, it is imperative we paid adequate attention to pairing the right kind of footwear with the right outfit for the day and ensured we are dressed appropriately for the occasion. In recent times, this combination of footwear - outfit - occasion has grown less rigid and more experimental; thereby giving us the opportunity to break free from set norms and spruce up our men’s wardrobe.

Having said that, one doesn’t have to end up burning a hole in his pocket trying to hoard as many accessories for each outfit he/she owns. Here are a few tips from experts the world over.

Black and Brown are wardrobe essentials. While it might be an obvious choice to pair black lace ups with a black formal outfit and brown brogues with a neutral suit, don’t hesitate to pair your formal suits with sporty trainers and your jeans with formal tan coloured lace ups. That bit of eccentricity could actually end up being fun and have you noticed!

We believe every man should definitely own a pair of well fitting polished black lace ups (not oxfords, not black slip ons and definitely not dress shoes) that provide versatility and have formidable repeat value (be it black tie or work). Among browns, the tints, shades and tones are endless so one must pick with caution ensuring one’s belt and shoes are in the same tone. Tan is a safe bet. Lighter the tone, more relaxed the look. Pair lace ups and brogues with cotton chinos or even better; turn up the hem lines of your chinos and show a bit of ankle but make sure to drop the socks. After all, who wants to end up looking like a school lad. Try pulling off this look to work. Throw on a cross body bag in the same tone of leather as the rest of your accessories.

Generally darker tones are smarter than lighter ones and could be more versatile too. Smartness is dictated by choice of tone and decoration on your accessories. Pick refined over loud and showy for work. Try combining your relaxed work clothing with a pair of clean white sneakers but drop any element of bling. You want people focusing on your work and glancing at your accessories as opposed to the other way round. The classic white sneaker makes for some great pairing with everything from washed and distressed denims to that windowpane checked cropped grey suit but that’s not the same if you pick a white oxford.

On a day that you decide to pull out those loud coloured sneakers, ensure the rest of your attire is neutral. Pick beiges/ light greys/ straw brown/ charcoal etc. Focus on washing/ polishing and other recommended methods of keeping accessories in top shape so they’ll last you longer and enhance your look as opposed to tarnishing it.

For all your dark denim woes, try pairing the Chelsea boot or Doc Martens in black. If you’re the kind who enjoys flaunting his coloured chinos, dress down with penny loafers but stay clear of flip flops. Black lace ups might seem too severe in this case. Making a statement doesn’t mean going all out of  your comfort zone and Oxblood isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea. Try navy, burnished amber or dark chocolate. Keep bling aside for the red carpet but don’t shy away from throwing in a bright colourful pair of socks along with your tan brogues to work!

Author: #Sneha Sundareshan

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