High Summer Special Feature - Overdyed Cotton Shorts!

High Summer Special Feature - Overdyed Cotton Shorts!

With the summers here to stay a while longer and the monsoons knocking on our doors, be rest assured most of country’s going to be reeling under both heat and humidity in the weeks to come. Not to forget monsoon deluge isn’t a very pleasant thing in a lot of Indian cities. While the slush and waterlogged roads is something we may not be able to help you out with, we sure have the perfect solution for your wardrobe woes. 

This high summer, Urban Touch brings to you a range of overdyed Cotton shorts in six spectacular colours priced at INR1299. Take your pick from shades like Air Blue, Seaport Blue, Otter Brown, Rifle Green, Rhododendron Maroon and Black. 

Side seam lengths range from 17 to 20 inches based on the size you pick and offer you just the right breathability for those humid/wet days ahead. Team these with breathable printed tees or Cotton/ Linen shirts or go for the layered look while slipping on a pair of strappy outdoor sandals and kiss those monsoon blues goodbye!


Author: #Sneha Sundareshan

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