Livin' it up in Linen

Livin' it up in Linen

Linen is a fiber derived from subjecting Flax plant stems through laborious processes and is thought to have been used by ancient Egyptians in their clothing as early as 1000BC. 

The Flax stems (much like jute) are harvested, soaked for a couple of weeks in waters (also known as Rhetting). This ensures the outer skin comes off and what you’re left with is the fine inner fibre. The fibres are then dried out in the sun for about ten days and then bunched up and stored. 

The fibres now have a hay like appearance and are subjected to breaking down or ‘Scutching’ by means of beating with a wooden mallet. 

This makes the nearly starchy rough fibres soft and pliable. The soft strands are now subjected to crimping (much like we crimp our hair) which further breaks down the fiber. 

The crimped strands are then subjected to ‘Brushing’ which takes off coarser parts of the fiber; much like we brush our hair. At this point the bunch of flax stems look like soft, voluminous blond hair that are ready to be spun and woven into fabric. 

Our Cotton- Linen blends keep you cool in the summers because both Linen and Cotton are highly absorbent and good conductors of heat. They absorb perspiration off your skin and wick it into the air; thereby keeping you dry and well ventilated. What’s not to love about em?

How do you care for your Linens? Well… easy peasy!

Wash in medium - warm water with a mild detergent that will prevent the fibres from scalding and keep your shirt looking newer for longer. Avoid wringing and tumble drying; drip dry instead. Once dry, iron on medium to high setting. 

 Author: #Sneha Sundareshan

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