Simple tips to ensure your clothes last longer 

Simple tips to ensure your clothes last longer 

  1. Keep moths at bay: Moths and other pests find a way into your wardrobe from carpets, dhurries and possibly antique drapes you might have at home. Ensure regular vacuum cleaning sprees when it comes to all of the above and sofas so you terminate the problem of pest infestation at the root level. Moth sachets are handy little wardrobe ‘must haves’. Throw in a few moth sachets along with your clothing in wardrobes and drawers and make sure you replace them regularly. 
  2. If you live in a home that’s prone to pest infestation, call pest control immediately. 
  3. Take care of natural fibres. Pests and moths are particularly attracted to natural fibres. Ensure you ventilate those clothes regularly and give them a little exposure to the sun on and off. Humid, damp and dark wardrobes can spell disaster.
  4. Invest in a good laundry detergent, a laundry softener and a reputed dry cleaner.
  5. Give your washing machine a spa treatment every now and then. If your washed laundry tends to smell foul over a period of time, it’s probably time you pulled out that prized instruction manual and gave your trusted machine a hot drum wash. 
  6. Wash whites with other whites. Some of us seldom follow this age old practice and end up ruining our whites and lights. 
  7. Clothes that have been worn don’t go straight back into your wardrobe! Moths are attracted to natural oils produced by human skin and storing clothes that have been worn could greatly increase the risk of disaster. Use good quality hangers to keep clothes in top shape, ventilate so they breathe, wash delicates in laundry bags and store suits and jackets in zipped garment carriers. 
  8. Used clothes don’t belong on the floor and used towels don’t stay put on the bed! 

Author: #Sneha Sundareshan

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