The evolution of Brunch Fashion

The evolution of Brunch Fashion

The term ‘Brunch’ evolved from a combination of Breakfast and Lunch. This would imply a relaxed session of grazing around a spread that would be filling enough for you to begin at breakfast time and end a few hours later; thereby giving a conventional lunch the skip. That’s how I’d loosely define a brunch session. With changing lifestyles and the lack of quality time spent over busy weekdays, the concept of relaxed weekend brunch sessions seems to be catching on. 


Based on the company you expect to be brunching with, here are a few pointers to help bring clarity on what you could fish out of your wardrobe. 


  1. Casual sporty - if your going to be brunching with a bunch of close friends and there’s nothing really serious to it, you could pick a sporty full sleeve knitted sweater to be teamed on top of a solid polo neck tee. For the bottoms you could pick from distressed washed denims to cotton twill shorts. Remember it’s a daytime event and that you could pick from the lights and pastels in your wardrobe. Avoid jazzy prints, too much bling and sheen. Your footwear can carry the casual factor too. Slip- ons like tasseled moccasins are ideal. Try and avoid flip flops unless you’re brunching by the beach. Carry a straw hat and mandatory wayfarers if you know you’re going to be outdoors. 
  2. Relaxed Casuals - these call for a smart button front shirt in cotton or linen paired with well tailored cotton chinos. Don’t shy away from light coloured bottoms. Flaunt those turn up hems. If it’s chilly outdoors, throw on a slouchy unlined linen jacket. Team with brogues or moccasins you’ve been wishing to flaunt below those turned up hem trousers. Drop the socks all together. Pick relaxed styling when the invite says so or you expect the company over brunch to be slightly more serious. 
  3. Dressy Formals - this is when it’s time to pull out your favourite sports jackets in autumn plaids. Team that with a neatly pressed button down shirt (preferably colour coordinated and solid in colour) and a pair of well fitting dress pants or pressed chinos and you should be good to go. Pick footwear that’ll compliment your look - lace ups, monk straps whatever you’re comfortable pulling off and throw in a neatly folded pocket square for good measure! Still feeling the autumn chill? Add on a soft Cashmere  neck scarf. 


Happy brunching!


Author- #Sneha Sundareshan

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