Ugadi Greetings!

Ugadi Greetings!

‘Yug’ meaning age and ‘Adi’ meaning beginning come together making Yugadi or Ugadi as it is called in the Southern states of India - The beginning of a new age. The festivities begin on the first new moon after the Spring Equinox and the beginning of a new Hindu calendar with changes in the moon’s orbit. In Maharashtra it is known as Gudi Padwa.

It is believed lord Brahma created the universe on Ugadi. The festival heralds the arrival of spring and warmer weather. A customary food preparation that is made and shared among near and dear ones is ‘Bevu Bella’; a paste made from jaggery, neem buds, Tamarind juice and raw mango that signifies life is a mixture of the happy and sad. While there are ups, there could also be downs and one must take it all in good stride and stay positive.

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Happy Ugadi from the team at urbantouch
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